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Who We Are

EC3 Apparel & Promotions originally opened as Woodford Sports in 2012 to serve the Woodford community for all their sports apparel and equipment needs. We changed ownership in July 2017, and became EC3 Apparel. We're still a hometown shop owned by a hometown gal that prides itself on active participation in the community. 

We're Different

There are a lot of people who make tees and embroider clothes, and they're great people just like us. But we’re different. Our name is based upon Ecc. 3:1, reminding us that there are many seasons in life (and in business) and each serves a purpose in helping us to thrive. What we do is pretty straightforward and not earth-shattering work. But we do this full-time, and we love serving people with our God-given talents and unique approach.

EC3 Apparel & Promotions is grounded in more than two decades of marketing and brand management experience. We outfit you in promotional apparel that helps you display your brand in the best possible light.  We’ll guide you through choosing quality apparel that looks fantastic and leaves a lasting impression.  

It isn’t just the shirt on your back. It’s how you face the world.